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Cite of the Year

In an excessively competitive system of research funding, in the face of bureaucracy remains decreasingly time for research.

Reference: Translation of Prof. Dr. Mario Birkholz in Physik Journal (Journal of Physics, so far in German only), Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, 21(2), (2022), page 3

Statement on Gender Politics of the European Community (since 2022 Precondition to Receive EC Grants)

All humans are equal before law. Therefore, the research projects engage and pay personnel due to their abilities and not due to quota definitions, which may not represent the distribution in the people. The payment does not always tell decision competence, in fact each constructive contribution to the research project is welcome, independently from the matter, whosoever has found it.
Sexual insults are considered to be offences and can be dealed up to legal court. The project participants do not expect such problems during their projects, because the research themes do not tangent social problems. The summary of all legal positions still is:

Whatsoever is expected to be done by anyone, the same should be done oneself.
Source: St. Matthew 7:12 by Christ Jesus (-2 until 30), also mentioned by Immanuel Kant (1724 until 1804) as categoric imperative.

New Developments at Aage GmbH

  • Development and production of water-solubable inlets for functional cavities -
    casted salt cores, for pressure die casting and chill casting
  • Embedding of salt cores by pressure die casting machines
  • System Piston - Piston Rod for flash-free and shrinkage-free parts
  • Universal Testing Machine Twist-Control to check the melt quality before casting:
    https://www.twistcontrol.de/ (so far in German only)