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Visual Pressure Die Casting

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  • 300 Films by High Speed Camera
    • digitized with
      • high temporal and
      • high spatial
  • 1st Film: Processes in a Horizontal Shot Sleeve
    • Dosing of melt into the shot sleeve
    • Air inclusion when starting the plunger
    • Influence of plunger velocity
    • Influence of filling degree to wave velocity
    • Influence of shot sleeve orientation
  • 2nd Film: Geometry of Casting System
    • Kinds of mold filling
    • Mold filling by fan ingate
    • Mold filling by tangential ingate
    • Comparison of one-side to two-side tangential ingate
    • Mold filling by comb ingate
  • 3rd Film: Influence of Casting System to the Filling of a Plate
    • Influence of ingate width to the part width
    • Influence of ingate thickness to the part thickness
    • Influence of casting course design and the effective ingate width to the mold filling
    • Influence of pressure in the die cavity to the beam expansion
  • 4th Film: Mold Filling at Pressure Die Casting by Use of Diverse Geometries
    • Filling a plate
    • Filling of plate shaped profiles (L, S, T, etc.)
    • Mold filling of an ornamental frame, 4-fold cavities

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