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The tasks and developments at the development foundry are done additional to the tasks of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Metallguss GmbH in Aalen.

  • Process Development Pressure Die Casting for castings with defined quality properties
    • high strength,
    • defined dimensions,
    • high surface quality.
  • Mold Concepts
    Construction of pressure die casting molds, with regard to
    • high quality of the pressure die castings,
    • high productivity,
    • long life time of the die casting molds, and
    • no flash.
  • Nondestructive Component Testing by a 3D computer tomography
  • Initial Samplings, dimensional checks
  • Initial Sample Test Reports pursuant to VDA
  • Series
    Production of pilot, small, and medium series
  • Training & Qualification
    of staff at the die casting machines, plus in-house trainings
  • Optimizing the Casting Process in foundries on the authority of you